Product history


1950 „Mipofolie“

Highly flexible protection film for geographical maps and technical drawings


1957 „Mipofolie color“

Transparent colour film for creating grey shades within blue prints and labelings of office supplies


1958 „folioplast“

Protection film for book covers


1960 „klifo“

Clear film for protecting and cleaning metal printing plates


1961 „mipofix“

Printed ahesive film for decorating and protecting surfaces


1967 „folioplast D“

Double-sided adhesive film as dry glue in rolls


1969 „folioplast LS“

Hard PVC-film for the production of lamp shades


1970 „Blackboard film“

Blackboard film for writings in chalk used for advertisements in shop windows and nurseries


1972 „folioplast P“

Silk printing film for the production of advertising stickers


1974 „Schabra-fix“

Hard PVC-film for the production of shop window decorations


1980 „ASLAN colour films“

Introduction of a range of colour films for sign making


1982 „ASLAN P 025 + ASLAN P 045“

Self-adhesive special paper for repairing books


1985 „ASLAN stencil films“

Development of the world-famous stencil film ASLAN 85 K for painting and lacquering works on truck curtains and vehicles: Launch of a stencil film program for letterings with lacquer or paint


1988 „ASLAN mounting films and tapes“

Mounting material for plotted letterings and logos


1990 „ASLAN BE 2000“

Eco-friendly and PVC-free protection film with a special top coat of varnish


1993 „ASLAN W 15“

Opaque blockout film for light boxes


1998 „ASLAN double-sided films“

Introduction of a range of double-sided adhesive materials


2000 „Digital printing films“

Launch of a product range consisting of self-adhesive digital printing films


2002 „ASLAN glass decoration films“

Product line for the decoration of glass surfaces with various colours and effects


2004 „ASLAN metal effect films“

High-quality metal effect films for the production of exclusive advertisement letterings for indoor and outdoor applications


2007 „ASLAN DFP 25“

Double-sided white blockout film with a high opacity for digital printing and applications onto glass


2008 „ASLAN EL 300“

Glass decoration films with ASLAN Dryapply technology: Finest air release channels ensure a fast, easy and bubble-free dry application


2009 „ASLAN DFP 46“

Floor graphics film with a special adhesive for applications onto asphalt


2011 „ASLAN FF 450“

Printable ferrous film that turns any smooth surface into an area onto which magnets can be placed


2011 „ASLAN RP 35“

Rear projection film for innovative multimedia applications onto glass


2013 „Extension of the whiteboard film range“

Matt whiteboard films, available in white and transparent, that can be written on repeatedly, without leaving ghostings


2014 „ASLAN CPL 22“

Printable metal effect film with a top coating that provides excellent print quality and air release channels for an easy dry application


2015 „Illustra“

Glass decoration film in 3 decors for the modern design of glass surfaces