ASLAN Print’nGo: Eye-catching floor graphics in only 2 steps

06/17 | The new ASLAN Print’nGo version with R9 non-slip safety class offers you the particular advantage that the film does not need an additional protective overlaminate thanks to its highly scratch-resistant print image: Just print and apply! The digital printing film is ideally suited for short-term applications on all smooth interior floors and its residue-free removal is as easy as its application. 


ASLAN WrapTheHouse: now available in matt and transparent

04/17 | Our self-adhesive digital printing film, which permits you to creatively design rough facades and walls or turn them into an advertising space, is now also available as a matt white and transparent version. These two new products retain their matt finish even after application, and can be removed in one piece and without leaving residues within six months. Letterings and sharply contoured motifs can be realized fast and easy, without having to plot them. 

ASLAN FerroSoft: Three new flexible ferrous films

03/17 | With our new ferrous films you can now transform smooth substrates even more easily into magnetically-receptive surfaces! The new films are extremely soft and flexible, making them easy to apply. As an additional benefit, all three variants can be stored and transported in a rolled-up condition. The self-adhesive films containing iron are available as a digital print version as well as with a whiteboard surface. The third anthracite-coloured version are ideal to combine with other self-adhesive films.

The digital printing films with ultra-strong adhesion now available in 4 versions

01/17 |  ASLAN UltraTack, our digital printing film designed specifically for long-term applications on   hard-to-stick surfaces, is now available in both glossy and matt finishes and with either transparent or grey adhesive. The benefit of the NEW grey adhesive thereby is a high coverage of brightly coloured, patterned and high-contrast substrates.  

The new highly reflective mirror effect film

06/16 | This high-quality self-adhesive polyester film is characterized by a highly reflective mirror-like finish and a very scratch-resistant surface which is unique on the market. The film with the same mirror effect on both sides has particularly been designed for the decoration of smooth surfaces. It is the perfect choice for applications on large areas and plotted letterings or designs that are to reflect mirror images brilliantly in the long term. 

Surprising effects for your decorative Christmas projects

08/16 | Transparent PVC-film with decorative snow print for a dry application: Turns shop windows quickly and easily into a charming Winter Wonderland – even if printing white is no option for your customers. Whether plotted, additionally printed or unprinted: Let it snow!

Broad selection of colours and effects: silver, gold, brass, copper, red, green, blue… glossy or brushed, extra easy application, for a wide variety of applications, scratch-resistance and same effect on both sides, outdoor durabilities ranging from 2 to 5 years

The new matt digital printing film for hard-to-stick surfaces

06/16 | Our polymeric digital printing film with extra strong adhesion is now also available in a matt finish. The low-reflective self-adhesive film holds reliably on all hard-to-stick surfaces. These especially include non-polar surfaces such as rough or uneven areas as well as low surface energy materials (e.g. plastic waste bins).

Experience the Euro Cup together – with the self-adhesive rear projection film

05/16 | The RearProjection ASLAN RP 35 provides the perfect basis for your personal public screening parties this summer: Simply apply the film onto a window, start a projector and you’re ready to go! Little effort is necessary to turn any transparent surface into a great projection surface with brilliant repetition – even in outdoor catering areas.

Trendline: The new colour film range in the “Trend Colours 2016”

03/16 | The Trendline series combines the user-friendly characteristics of the matt colour film WallStick ASLAN CM 100 with the “Colours of the Year” that set the tone in the design world. The highly opaque film is predestined for all temporary, design-oriented projects.

WindowClear: The new transparent digital printing film

03/16 | Creating sharp-contoured, cut-out designs on glass, without having to plot. The user-friendly PVC-film WindowClear ASLAN DFP 18 makes it possible: While prints on the self-adhesive film are of brilliant quality, the non-printed areas ensure a good optical clarity thanks to their transparency. The new WindowClear is available from mid-March.


It can be this quick and easy

11/15  |  Installing glass decoration films at low temperatures.
Have you also been annoyed at delays when applying glass decoration films wet during the cold time of the year? The ASLAN Dryapply technology enables you to easily apply the films in a fast and clean way.

ASLAN metal effect films: versatile, classy, easy to use

09/15 | The ASLAN metal effect film range provides the perfect self-adhesive solution for almost any project: whether it concerns plotting, digital printing or applications on large surfaces. The easy to apply films are available in a large number of classy effects, colours and qualities – from glossy gold to brushed copper and even dark blue.

Get your creativity flowing:

07/15 | The new clear blackboard film for writings in chalk
A hand written blackboard gives even minimalistically designed rooms a personal touch. 
With the new transparent blackboard film ClearChalk ASLAN CR 63, ASLAN now offers an innovative alternative to the classic solutions in green and black. Laminated onto a print, a picture or a coloured film, the ClearChalk ASLAN CR 63 turns any smooth surface into an area that can be written on with chalk. A blackboard, which individually adapts to the design concept of each room, e.g. in cafés, restaurants, nurseries or offices, can thus easily be realized.
ClearChalk ASLAN CR 63

Just print and go with ASLAN Print'nGo

06/15 | Directly printable, highly slip-resistant floor graphics film 
One of the most effective ways to place a striking and eye-catching advertising message, is the application of floor graphics. With the directly printable film for floors Print’nGo, ASLAN now offers a new and unique solution for creative advertising that meets these requirements. The digital printing film for smooth indoor floors is extremely rough, scratch-resistant and available in white and clear and corresponds to the highest non-slip safety class R 13. 

White Print'nGo ASLAN DFP 43 
Transparent Print'nGo ASLAN DFP 44


Glass decoration film with decorative designs

04/15 | The glass decoration films from the Illustra-range give transparent surfaces a fresh and modern appearance. The transparent films are printed with an appealing, white design. ASLAN Illustra is available in the three attractive designs „Linen“, „Dot“ and „Snow“. 

Adding a glamorous touch: The new, glossy metal effect film in luxurious copper

03/15 | ASLAN expands its metal effect films MetalEffect ASLAN CA 23 by another effect: Next to the already existing self-adhesive film in brushed copper, a classy, ultra glossy copper shade now completes the range.
The copper film is perfectly suitable for exclusive writings and decorations on shop windows, mirrors and dividers, as well as the stylish design of lampshades and pieces of furniture

Clearly better: Brilliant, self-adhesive colour films with increased transparency

02/15 | A new and improved adhesive enhances the quality of the transparent colour films GlassColour ASLAN CT 113: The self-adhesive films show a much higher transparency and thus guarantee a clear appearance when applied.
The application of the transparent colour films allows stunning effects on glass surfaces, which are part of almost any modern interior and architecture. The attractive colour palette offers a range of 25 vibrant shades. 

Creativity knows no limits: Offer your clients custom-designed memoboard solutions

01/15 | In only a few steps any smooth surface is transformed into a dry erase board onto which magnets can be placed and which is individually designed: Print any desired motif onto the self-adhesive, ferrous film FerroPrint ASLAN FF 450 and combine it with the clear, glossy whiteboard film Clearboard ASLAN CB 90. This way, any cupboard, door or wall can be turned into a multifunctional board, which is designed with a picture, company logo or timetable.


"If it weren't for the last minute"

12/14 | Metal effect films for Christmas decorations at the last moment

The MetalEffect Dryapply ASLAN CAL 23 helps even spontaneous users to realise a quick and stunning Christmas decoration.

The self-adhesive metal effect film in gold and silver glossy turns plotted letterings and symbols into effectful Christmas messages. Due to the ASLAN Dryapply technology the film can be applied fast, easy and without bubbles.

For the creative, diligent and forgetful:

11/14 | Premium-quality blackboard film for chalk and liquid chalk

The PremiumBlackboard ASLAN BB 910 is the only blackboard film on the market, from which even liquid chalk can be removed without leaving any residues. The film stays free from ghosting and shadows, no matter, how many times it is written on with chalk or liquid chalk pens. Thus, it is perfect for applications in schools, nurseries, offices or restaurants, where changing writings are daily routine.

Your first choice: ASLAN's premium-quality whiteboard films

09/14 | With ASLAN’s glossy white- and clearboard film, every smooth surface can be turned into a writable dry erase board. 

The self-adhesive films excel in an especially high quality: They are extremely scratch-resistant, can be written on over and over again and whiteboard markers can be wiped off dry without leaving any shadows or ghosting.


Glass decoration films with air release channels and fire safety classification

07/14 | ASLAN’s successful portfolio of self-adhesive glass decoration films offers a unique range of effects that allows an effective and high-quality decoration of glass surfaces for the interior and exterior.

For a safe use of the glass decoration films in public areas, ASLAN now also offers an additional fire safety classification according to Euroclass DIN EN 13501-1. Thus, the glass decoration films are classified as hardly inflammable on glass.


Excellent print quality | Metal effect film with new top coating

05/14 | This printable metallic film, available in gold and silver, is a 50 µm thick film with an outdoor durability of 3-5 years. Due to a special top coating, the film is perfectly printable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks.

Fine air release channels in the adhesive allow a simple, clean and efficient application without using water.

New double-sided self-adhesive film with perfect flatness for sheets

04/14 | ASLAN complements its product range by another double-sided
self-adhesive film, which is perfectly suitable for sheetsBoth sides have an equally strong, permanent adhesive and a delayed initial adhesive strength for an easy application.

Brand new: ASLAN presents extensive floor graphics programme with unique fire safety classification

02/14 | As the first manufacturer ASLAN offers a fire safety classification for the already printed films in combination with floor graphics laminate according to DIN EN 13501-1.

The fire rated floor graphics solutions from ASLAN are therefore ideal for applications in public areas such as airports, train stations and at trade shows.

Self-adhesive colour film in 100 µm for exhibitions and wall decorations

11/13 | Due to its thickness, high opacity and flame resistance this colour film provides ideal characteristics for stand building at fairs, shop fittings and for the production of wall tattoos.It is easy to apply, covers coloured substrates and can be removed without residues. It saves time and efforts during hectic exhibitions works and makes it perfect for wall decorations.

WallStick ASLAN CM 100 

New whiteboard films with matt surface

09/13 | Smooth surfaces can easily be turned into memoboards by applying self-adhesive whiteboard films. The new matt versions from ASLAN convince by their easy handling and perfect results. Available in transparent and matt with non-reflective surface, the white version additionally serves as front projection film. More…


Self-adhesive metal effect films for easy dry application

07/13 | The self-adhesive films in gold and silver can be applied very easy and fast without any water. Thanks to their fine air channels in the adhesive air bubbles can be wiped out with ease, making applications fast and simple for even the most inexperienced users. Have a look at our latest application video.

Digital printing film for applications on carpets

07/13 | A special adhesive makes this self-adhesive digital printing film ideal for applications on exhibition carpets, promotions at the point of sale or conference rooms. The film can be removed easily without leaving residues or damaging the carpet. Convince yourself and watch our new application video.