Especially flexible ferrous film for placing magnets

FerroSoft ASLAN FF 410

This film containing iron turns every smooth substrate into a magnetically-receptive surface. It can be cut to any imaginable shape or size, is easy to apply and can be combined with other self-adhesive films. Thanks to the special softness of the new ASLAN FerroSoft it is possible to store and ship the laminated product rolled on a core depending on the surface material.
  • Transforms smooth substrates into magnetically-receptive surfaces
  • Perfect in combination with blackboard and whiteboard films to create magnetic memoboards for offices, homes or retail environments
  • With a decoration film the memoboard can be colour coordinated with the interior design
  • Organisational board
Product advantages
  • Excellent magnetic adhesion thanks to high iron powder content
  • Easy application, softer and more flexible than standard products
  • Can be stored and transported rolled onto a core depending on the surface material
  • Can be cut with a CO2 laser
  • The film does not rust and corrode
  • Can be removed in one piece
  • Film is free of PVC and plasticisers and conforms with REACH
Face filmPE-based film containing ironThickness410 m
AdhesiveAcrylic pressure sensitive adhesiveProperties of adhesivePermanent
Release linerSilicone cardboard, 140 g/mSurfaceSmooth substrates
Dimensions12 m x 1.01 m
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<span>FerroSoft</span> ASLAN FF 410
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