Self-adhesive digital printing film for rough interior and exterior walls

WrapTheHouse ASLAN DFP 45

This digital printing film for rough walls turns every facade as well as plastered or brick walls indoors into an eye-catching advertising space. A special adhesive ensures that the WrapTheHouse ASLAN DFP 45 can be applied on any structured wall. For an application time of up to 6 months it can be removed easily in one piece without leaving residues. If fully applied with heat, it has an outdoor durability of up to 3 years. The weather-proof, glossy self-adhesive film is ideally suited for temporary and medium-term exterior as well asinterior applications.
  • Short-áandámedium-term advertisingáonárougháinterioráandáexterioráwalls
  • Decoration ofárougháinterioráandáexterioráwalls
  • Ideal alternative to banners, no extensive and visible mounting device necessary
  • Removable alternative to murals, billboards and signs
Product advantages
  • Easy handling and fast application
  • No need for full heat gun application
  • Can be removed in one piece within 6 months and without leaving residues
  • Can be corrected and repositioned on the facade
  • No additional laminating film required
  • Weather-proof special adhesive for fast and good adhesion
  • Minimum outdoor durability of 3 years (if fully applied with a heat gun)
Face filmPVC-filmThickness80 Ám
AdhesiveAcrylic pressure sensitive adhesiveProperties of adhesiveRemovable
Release linerSilicone cardboard, PE-coated on both sides, 144 g / sqmPrintabilitySolvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV-curable inks and screen printing
SurfaceRough interior and outdoor wallsMinimum outdoor durability3 years (if fully applied with heat)
Dimensions25 m x 1.37 m
Recommended Tools
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<span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45 <span>WrapTheHouse</span> ASLAN DFP 45
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