Directly printable white floor graphics film with R9 non-slip safety class

Print'nGo ASLAN DFP 33

This self-adhesive white digital printing film offers ideal conditions for short-term floor graphic applications. The 125 m thick film for smooth interior floors is equipped with a structured surface and is conform to the DIN 51130 standard as well as non-slip safety class R9. With the common printing systems it generates an excellent, scratch-resistant print image and thus does not require an additional protective laminate.

Not only its slip-resistance, but also its direct printability and residue-free removability make this product a safe and at once efficient floor graphics solution for applications at the point of sale, in airports, train stations, shopping malls, trade fairs etc. 
  • Removable floor graphics in the interior
  • Short- to medium-term floor advertising
Product advantages
  • Corresponds to non-slip safety class R9
  • No additional laminating film required: Just print and apply
  • Can be removed in one piece from smooth substrates within 6 months without leaving residues
  • Excellent scratch-resistant print result
  • Ideally printable with solvent, latex, UV-curing as well as screen printing inks
  • Low reflection effect
  • Very good cutting characteristics
Face filmPVC-film, whiteThickness125 m
AdhesiveAcrylic pressure sensitive adhesiveProperties of adhesiveRemovable
Release linerPE-coated silicone cardboard, 140 g/m (both sides)PrintabilitySolvent, latex, UV-curable inks and screen printing
SurfaceSmooth floors 
Dimensions25 m x 1.37 m
Recommended Tools
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<span>Print'nGo</span> ASLAN DFP 33 <span>Print'nGo</span> ASLAN DFP 33 <span>Print'nGo</span> ASLAN DFP 33 <span>Print'nGo</span> ASLAN DFP 33
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