Clearly better: Brilliant, self-adhesive colour films with increased transparency

A new and improved adhesive enhances the quality of the transparent colour films GlassColour ASLAN CT 113: The self-adhesive films show a much higher transparency and thus guarantee a clear appearance when applied.
The application of the transparent colour films allows stunning effects on glass surfaces, which are part of almost any modern interior and architecture. The attractive colour palette offers a range of 25 vibrant shades. 

Creativity knows no limits: Offer your clients custom-designed memoboard solutions

In only a few steps any smooth surface is transformed into a dry erase board onto which magnets can be placed and which is individually designed: Print any desired motif onto the self-adhesive, ferrous film FerroPrint ASLAN FF 450 and combine it with the clear, glossy whiteboard film Clearboard ASLAN CB 90. This way, any cupboard, door or wall can be turned into a multifunctional board, which is designed with a picture, company logo or timetable.

For the creative, diligent and forgetful:

Premium-quality blackboard film for chalk and liquid chalk

The PremiumBlackboard ASLAN BB 910 is the only blackboard film on the market, from which even liquid chalk can be removed without leaving any residues. The film stays free from ghosting and shadows, no matter, how many times it is written on with chalk or liquid chalk pens. Thus, it is perfect for applications in schools, nurseries, offices or restaurants, where changing writings are daily routine.