Get your creativity flowing:

07/15 | The new clear blackboard film for writings in chalk
A hand written blackboard gives even minimalistically designed rooms a personal touch. 
With the new transparent blackboard film ClearChalk ASLAN CR 63, ASLAN now offers an innovative alternative to the classic solutions in green and black. Laminated onto a print, a picture or a coloured film, the ClearChalk ASLAN CR 63 turns any smooth surface into an area that can be written on with chalk. A blackboard, which individually adapts to the design concept of each room, e.g. in cafés, restaurants, nurseries or offices, can thus easily be realized.

Just print and go with ASLAN Prin'nGo

06/15 | Directly printable, highly slip-resistant floor graphics film 
One of the most effective ways to place a striking and eye-catching advertising message, is the application of floor graphics. With the directly printable film for floors Print’nGo, ASLAN now offers a new and unique solution for creative advertising that meets these requirements. The digital printing film for smooth indoor floors is extremely rough, scratch-resistant and available in white and clear and corresponds to the highest non-slip safety class R 13. 


Glass decoration film with decorative designs

04/15 | The glass decoration films from the Illustra-range give transparent surfaces a fresh and modern appearance. The transparent films are printed with an appealing, white design. ASLAN Illustra is available in the three attractive designs „Linen“, „Dot“ and „Snow“.